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There is no specific format for this submission, but please use 12 point font.Note that the essay should provide sufficient detail to convince the reader that the proposed research is feasible (this is especially the case given the short time period between initial submission and final version).

In this effort, the DHS operated the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC), which coordinated collected information and frequently issues alters regarding potential cyber threats.

In response to the increasing threat of cyber attack, the U. government passed the Cyber Security Act of 2010, designed to increase collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as provide for higher standards and protocols for dealing with threats.

Topics of interest include: The program will begin Friday, March 6 midday and run through late afternoon of Saturday, March 7.

This interdisciplinary meeting will focus on six-ten submissions to the symposium.

Announcing a call for papers for a student symposium in cybersecurity policy.

All areas of cybersecurity policy are welcome, from economic, legal, political science (including IR), public policy, sociological, to technical with policy implications, with the sole requirement that the work focus on policy issues in cybersecurity.This initial submission is due October 23, 2019 at midnight PST.Final submissions should be written in clear prose accessible to an interdisciplinary research community.Cyber security research papers are on today's technology and how the possibility of security breeches are ever present.When writing on technology and society issues, cyber security can not be ignored.In the style of working meetings in political science and law, each paper will have a discussant leading the discussion, the purpose of which is to improve the paper prior to publication.We will discuss two papers on Friday, followed by a keynote given by Avril Haines.The meeting has two purposes: (i) to share research and (ii) to help create a community of young scholars in the new and highly interdisciplinary research area.Students, whether in undergraduate, professional, MA, MS, JD, or Ph D programs, are encouraged to submit; postdocs are also welcome to do so.(OIC-CERT JCS) is now accepting submissions for publications in September 2019.The OIC-CERT JCS is committed to publish papers from a wide variety of cyber security disciplines range from the technical field, such as engineering, computer science, or information systems, to the non-technical descriptions of technology and management from the point of view of cyber security fundamentals and applications.


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