Sample Business Action Plan

After all, why spend money on untested advertising when a combination of cold-calling, networking and sales might work better?

With brainstorming you put as many ideas as possible down on paper.

Since your business plan will cover four main areas - market research, marketing and sales, operations, and administration - you will want to develop four action lists.

This can be done informally - brainstorming sessions often work best when you feel relaxed and open to unusual solutions.

Here is an excerpt from a sample marketing spreadsheet for a new business-to-business service company.

(Please note that the numbers are not meant to accurately reflect costing.) Note: Realistic goals are a critical element of a successful plan.Here is an excerpt of a sample timeline based on our semi-final marketing plan: As you can see, once the timeline is added your action plan can be used as a checklist to ensure that you actually do the things you wrote about in your business plan.You have turned a theoretical document into a powerful business compass.Also, this form of advertising may not deliver the best value for your money, even if you can afford it.There are two questions to consider as you evaluate your options: To answer these questions, start by assigning a budget to each component of your business plan.Your business plan, which is rooted in strategy, should describe how you will grow your business.An action plan will help you put your theories into practice. Here is how you can create an action plan in just four steps.Your final step is to add a timeline to your action plan.It helps to rough in the timeline on a monthly basis at first and then refine it as time progresses.This option may be too expensive for some companies, but for others it could be a way to reduce support costs while offering customers a level of service that they will not be able to find elsewhere.Here is an excerpt from a list you might find for a fictional pet food company that plans to develop to sell its products through pet breeders.


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