Sample Of Problem Solving In Math

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Naturally enough, Problem Solving is about solving problems.

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The lessons provide coverage of Levels 1 to 6 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

The lessons are organised by level and curriculum strand.

This may require students reading the problem several times or putting the problem into their own words.

Make a Table is a problem-solving strategy that students can use to solve mathematical word problems by writing the information in a more organized format.

The "draw a picture" strategy is a problem-solving technique in which students make a visual representation of the problem.

This resource will help you help your students learn how to employ a fundamental problem-solving strategy that is easily grasped by learners of all abilities.Introduce a problem to students that will require them to make a table to solve the problem.For example: This strategy can be stretched when combined with other strategies such as looking for patterns or drawing a picture.And 3b = 4g, so b = 4g/3 = 4 × 12 / 3 = 16, so there are 16 boys So there are now 12 girls and 16 boys in the class, making 28 students altogether.Check There are now 16 boys and 12 girls, so the ratio of boys to girls is 16 : 12 = 4 : 3 At the start of the year there were 20 boys and 10 girls, so the ratio was 20 : 10 = 2 : 1 Consecutive means one after the other.The guide, the examples, and their solutions are provided below as separate documents.This section of the nzmaths website has problem-solving lessons that you can use in your maths programme.Looking for more resources on 21st Century skills and social-emotional learning? Drawing a diagram or other type of visual representation is often a good starting point for solving all kinds of word problems.It is an intermediate step between language-as-text and the symbolic language of mathematics.Accompanying each lesson is a copymaster of the problem in English and in Māori.Choose a problem that involves your students in applying current learning.


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