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To me, Wunderbar Together and the the German-American partnership means family, friends, and happiness.. My dad’s grandfather emigrated from Germany to the United States as a child. Wunderbar Together also means Germany and the United States are partners in trade and security, and both countries strongly value democracy. also exports other items to Germany, including aircrafts and engines.

I consider these three things to be the most important factors of the German-American partnership. In fact, out of all of the United States’ European trading partners, Germany is the largest. The trade between Germany and the United States earns each country billions of dollars.

In addition to trade, security is a very important part of the countries relationship. has a base in Germany, we are able to help provide security for our ally.

The United States has military bases spread throughout the world, including Germany. Germany and America also have a shared value of democracy which is very important to maintaining their friendly relationship.

It is important to keep a short but meaningful story or theme.

There are going to be many essays for the admissions officers to read, and you should not strive to make the essay long, therefore strain their patience! In all of the letters mentioned above, avoid plagiarizing, clichés, childhood experiences, religious motivations, and altruistic motivations.If I could do anything I wanted to celebrate the German-American partnership, I would have a very large festival with German music and traditional foods like Schnitzel and Bratwurst. I would give Lebkuchenherze to all of the children!Sources: The United States of America and Germany’s relationship has a long history.Empress Zita Habsburg and her family were in exile in 1944.She wanted to meet up with her family members and the bishop suggested they meet at Marian College over Holy Week, since the sisters there spoke German!Grades 6-8: What does “Wunderbar Together” mean to you for the German-American partnership?What areas of the German-American partnership do you think are the most important to each country?Do Germany and the United States place the same value on each area? Grades 9-12: What does the German-American partnership mean to you?Does the German-American partnership have an affect on your life?Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 German Embassy Annual Essay Contest!Many thanks to all of the students and teachers who took time to enter the contest.


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