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There’s a high likelihood that you’ll experience a dip in your motivation at some point. When scholarships open up in the winter, you will be positively disgusted by essays and questionnaires. Every hour of effort may be rewarded with a nice chunk of money – a whole lot more than minimum wage, that is. These relationships may not last long after graduation, and you want to ensure that you cherish them while they’re still a part of your routine.

If this is an option at your school, heavily consider taking advantage of it.

I was not able to have a free period senior year, and consequently missed out on some great food runs with friends, trips to the beach, and extra hours that could have been devoted to class work, applications, and sleep. Acknowledge that it’s there and then try to keep truckin’.

Vicki Nelson has more than thirty-five years of experience in higher education as a professor, academic advisor and administrator.

She also has weathered the college parenting experience successfully with three daughters.

This is not to say that you absolutely shouldn’t, but really consider what it is you’re signing up for.

Will you actually put in the effort for a strong grade?

Students who get a solid start in the fall will have a year with a plan — and with a lot less anxiety.

It’s the best early graduation gift you can give to your college senior.

Applying to college is daunting (big shocker, I know), and the longer you put off writing those essays, the more stress that will build. If you don’t take that time for yourself, self-inflicted paralysis will easily derail you.

It’s going to feel like your in a horse race at times, fighting to get into the same schools and measuring your worth by comparing accomplishments. Applying to college is much better when approached as an individual experience. Overcrowding yourself with responsibility is the easiest way to resent senior year.


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