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Everywhere, the Commission was greeted with hartals, black flags and slogans of Simon Go Back’.In such a hostile atmosphere, the Commission completed its inquiry and submitted its report.On 2 March 1930, Gandhiji wrote his famous letter to Lord Irwin, the Viceroy of India, narrating the evils of the British rule, He also communicated the decision to launch the ‘Satyagraha’ campaign by manufacturing salt at Dandi, a village on the sea coast of Gujarat, in case his eleven point demands were turned down by the Government.

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Il return, the Congress agreed to suspend the Civil Disobedience Movement and to attend the Second Round Table Conference.On the morning of 6th April Gandhiji and other ‘Satyagrahis’ prepared salt as an instance of braking the Salt Law.In response to Gandhiji’s call for Civil Disobedience, the people of India in large number took part in the movement.Mostly the activities of the ‘Satyagrahis’ were taking out processions, holding of meetings, boycotting of foreign goods, withholding payment of and revenue, picketing before the liquor shops, violating restraint orders, distributing leaflets among the people, celebrating national weeks etc..Thousands of women also came out of their homes to participate in the movement and even did not fear of imprisonment. The people who first doubted the very approach of Gandhi that a small object like salt could not be an issue of a national movement, now were forced to change their opinion. Mass arrests, torture, firing, lathi charges and police excesses became common incidents.As a result of a long negotiation, on 5March 1931, the Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed.The government agreed to remove all repressive ordinances, to restore the confiscated property, to set free all prisoners except those who were guilty of having committed any violence.The Congress ratified the pact at the Karachi Session of march 1931. Even Gandhi was shown black flags when he arrived to attend the session.It was due to his failure to get the release of Bhagat Singh and two of his comrades who had been given death sentence and were executed only two days before the Karachi session of the Congress.The historic Independence Resolution was adopted and the tri-colour flag of independence was hoisted at the midnight of 31st December 1929.The Congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi presented a definite challenge to the British Government.


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