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The children of immigrants who have been raised or born in the United States were able to adapt much faster to the English language.

The Spanish language, in the case of Mexicans, is part of our origin that most of us inherit from our ancestors although in the United States many, including me, seem to add a new language, which gives us better opportunities.

We can do this through writing when we compose a persuasive essay, which in Spanish is ensayo persuasivo (ehn-SAH-yoh pehr-sooah-SEE-voh).

A persuasive essay makes strong arguments to try to convince the reader of a point of view.

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Within the reasons, you can always include not only logical explanations but also appropriately cited research or even facts examples.

With logical explanations, refrain from making generalizations such as ''all children who do not eat healthy are fat.'' For the citations, make sure to know what style you need to follow because in the Spanish-speaking world nowadays, universities, magazines, etc. Regarding your opinions as well as facts, research, and examples, here are some powerful expressions you can use: While you can always use expressions to state your own opinions, use such statements as little as possible.

The essay includes a strong introducción (introduction) followed by a few párrafos(paragraphs) and ends with la conclusión (conclusion).

Avoid making generalizations or throwing out opinions not backed by evidence. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.


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