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But in order to benefit the Treasury, the duties must be set at a figure which, though high enough to yield a good income, loud not be so high as to stop the flourishing trade and hence the revenue” (Morgan, 26).After much debate, in May of 1764 the colonists received news of the sugar tax that was to be imposed upon them.Also, the American colonies “were a liability: until the Englishmen outnumbered the hostile French and Indian population, there would be constant danger of repossession by France in a future war” (Morgan, 22).

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The old solution of smuggling was no longer practical, for the risk of seizure was so great that the added cost of smuggling would have the same effect as the payment of duties” (Morgan, 29).

The British Navy residing in America made sure that every tax was collected, even for the smallest load.

The colonists were shocked and upset at the high taxes being imposed upon them.

It seemed that all the colonists’ money-making exports were being taxed.

Giving the British people more taxes was out of the question for Greenville because the Cider Tax was proof that there would be continued protesting if they received another.

Greenville found that there were already laws on the books that should have been making money for Parliament from the Americans.

Afterwards, Parliament prohibited paper money as legal tender and the colonists feared that they would have to go back to bartering.

A small outcry of unconstitutionality started in Boston in mid 1764.

George Greenville of British Parliament, who became the Prime Minister in April of 763, undertook the Job of finding ways to alleviate his country’s debt.

He thought “Americans were grossly under taxed by comparison with Englishmen” (Morgan, 23).


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