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The findings from the results are outlined in chapter 4.They are analyzed using a deductive approach in which they are categorized according the to theory in the literature review.

Information Technology is increasingly moving to the center of national competitiveness strategies around the world, due to its ground-breaking power as a significant enabler of growth and development.

Economic history has shown that, as developed countries approach the technological frontier, Information technology is crucial for them to continue innovating in their processes and products in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

The IT service industry is immensely competitive in nature with the giant market players enjoying the significant economies of scale (in their ability to handle large volumes of transactions more economically) and also economies of scope which makes it difficult for small IT consulting firms like Nasim consulting to survive and increase their market share.

On the other hand due to the current market scenario established companies, relying on an existing business image, may be unwilling to trust smaller, less established companies, which offer larger market players an advantage.

Then the methodology with which the study was carried out is outlined in chapter 3.

The methodology includes semi-structured interviews with 4 senior managers at Nasim Consulting, it also includes 2 focus groups in which 4 support staff and 3 highly skilled staff working for the organization was interviewed.

The discussion in chapter 5 however is not arranged according to the literature review, but it aims to adopt a coherent approach to answering the research question.

The research conclusion is expatiated in Chapter 6 and the recommendations in Chapter 7.

The long term objectives and aim of the company is to make the Nasim Consultancy a global organization.

However given the current market condition there is an immense competition and challenge for organizations in order to sustain in the market.


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