Stressful Situation Essay

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Smart Tips on How to Stay Calm Often a stressful situation lasts no longer than several minutes.

Remember an audition to school play or an announcement of grades. They sit in the chair and begin to concentrate on their problems.

Also, there are things that make people undergo stress during weeks and months. A person has to find out more about his stressful situation.

Such matters as job loss, divorce, and serious illness make people depressed. Nowadays on the Internet one can read whatever he wants.

In one study, individuals who experienced moderate levels of stress before surgery were able to recover faster than individuals who had low or high levels.

Side Effects of Stress Stress is key for survival, but too much stress can be detrimental.When a person faces stressful situation, he has to go through it successfully. Notice what do you feel about certain stressful situation. Talk to other people, probably someone has already dealt with such kind of stress. He/she is the only one who regulates the circumstances. To make it clearly, write down the stress that you undergo and its causes. A significant thing about it is that your feelings are normal reflection of particular circumstances. It is impossible to avoid stressful situations, but it is possible to stay calm. So, there are some tips which can help one not to fall but succeed. Emotional stress that stays around for weeks or months can weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety and even heart disease.In particular, too much epinephrine can be harmful to your heart.Benefit of Stress According to experts, stress is a burst of energy that basically advises you on what to do. For instance, stress can help you meet daily challenges and motivates you to reach your goals.In fact, stress can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently. Stress is also a vital warning system, producing the fight-or-flight response.While stress affects everyone in different ways, there are two major types of stress: stress that’s beneficial and motivating — good stress — and stress that causes anxiety and even health problems — bad stress.Here’s more on the benefits and side effects of stress and how to tell if you’re experiencing too much stress.


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