Student Essay On Drug Trafficking

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Those who do have a drug addiction problem mostly do not receive adequate care.

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There is a high chance that the policy will more than ever institutionalize top-level corruption, as only powerful drug traffickers will be able to bribe their way into upper-levels of the Philippine law enforcement system, and the government will stay in business.

Moreover, corrupt top-level cops and government officials tasked with such witch-hunts will have the perfect opportunity to direct law enforcement against their drug business rivals as well as political enemies, and themselves become the top drug capos.

Duterte’s policy does just the opposite: in slaughtering people, it is making a drug-distribution market that was initially rather peaceful (certainly compared to Latin America, of the state actions, extrajudicial killings, and vigilante killings he has ordered.

Worse yet, the police and extrajudicial killings hide other murders, as neighbors and neighborhood committees put on the list of drug suspects their rivals and people whose land or property they want to steal; thus, anyone can be killed by anyone and then labeled a pusher.

Even when those who surrendered are placed into so-called treatment centers, instead of outright prisons, large problems remain.

Many who surrendered do not necessarily have a drug abuse problem as they surrendered preemptively to avoid being killed if they for whatever reason ended up on the watch list.Another crucial goal of drug policy should be to enhance public health and limit the spread of diseases linked to drug use.The worst possible policy is to push addicts into the shadows, ostracize them, and increase the chance of overdoses as well as a rapid spread of HIV/AIDS, drug-resistant tuberculosis, and hepatitis.Such corrosion of the law enforcement agencies is well under way in the Philippines as a result of President Duterte’s war on drugs.Corruption and the lack of accountability in the Philippine police l preceded Duterte’s presidency, but have become exacerbated since, with the war on drugs blatant violations of rule of law and basic legal and human rights principles a direct driver.In prisons, users will not get adequate treatment for either their addiction or their communicable disease.That is the reason why other countries that initially adopted similar draconian wars on drugs (such as Thailand in 2001) eventually tried to backpedal from them, despite the initial popularity of such policies with publics in East Asia.Even prior to the Duterte’s brutal war on drugs, the rate of HIV infections in the Philippines has been soaring due to inadequate awareness and failure to support safe sex practices, such as access to condoms.Along with Afghanistan, the Philippine HIV infection rate is the highest in Asia, increasing 50 percent between 20.By eliminating low-level, mostly non-violent dealers, Duterte is paradoxically and counterproductively setting up a situation where more organized and powerful drug traffickers and distribution will emerge.shoot-to-kill policies is enormously corrosive of law enforcement, not to mention the rule of law.


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