Super Size Me Movie Essay

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Morgan Spurlock created a strong and relevant film because he made sure that he did not leave anything out, he made sure that his research was accurate and insightful.

I liked that he interviewed people off the streets, because it gave his film some sort of comedy and it also gave his audience different perspectives.

Spurlock sends this message in a really entertaining way while also having good digs at Mc Donalds.

His relaxed style is refreshing and allows the facts to speak for themselves.

He is certainly a lot more interesting than his vegan girlfriend who is one of those overbearing self-righteous types who look down their nose at anything.

His good humour makes the film but it is the documentary rather than the gimmick that kept me watching.What I noticed in this documentary was that Morgan didn’t just have three main interviews, he interviewed as many people as he possibly could.My favorite interview was with John Robbin the son of the late owner of Baskin Robins.Morgan wanted to open everyones eyes after the lawsuit that was made towards Mc Donalds because of two girls that were 14 and over weight.Spurlock used the case initially to reference back on what the judge said about the case and the establishment throughout the film, which was great because it explained a lot that was left unsaid after the case.In the documentary Morgan decides to eat three meals a day at Mc Donald’s for a one month.In the beginning of the movie he is examined by three different doctors a Cardiologist, Gastroentrologist, Hepatologist, and General Practioner that all tells him that he is healthy and not over weight.This film may focus on Mc Donalds because it is the world leader in fast food which is high in saturated fats but if all you take from this film is pleasure at seeing Mc Donalds taking a kicking then you are missing the point.The film was challenging to me and I hope it was to many viewers – but I have not eaten in Mc Donalds or Burger King since 2001 and a bad bout of food poisoning in early 2003 ended my ability to enjoy KFC. Well, because like many others, I eat too many saturated fats and, regardless of where they come from (oven foods, ready meals or fast food) I need to cut them down.He did a great job with making this film relatable to everyone.From having kids identify what was on the picture and they only two people which were George Washington, and of course Ronald Mc Donald the face of the fast food restaurant Mc Donalds; to adults not knowing the nutrition fact and Mc Donalds not supplying them.


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