Tcp Ip Protocol Research Paper

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Internet layer is responsible for packaging, addressing and routing of packets. Each of these protocols performs different types of responsibilities and collectively all these are the responsibilities of internet layer.(Comer, 2006) Internet protocol is responsible for routing packets.

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Thus functions like routing, IP addressing, packet fragmentation and reassembly are provided by this layer.

Address resolution protocol provides services like IP to MAC address translation etc.

It places TCP/IP packets on the network and receives the same from the network.

TCP/IP protocol stack is independent of different network access methods, medium, frame formats etc.

In the TCP/IP protocol architecture, there are four layers or sets of protocols, similar to the DARPA model.

TCP/IP protocol architecture works as protocol stack.Kahn also initiated a project to establish a ground-based radio packet network.After working on these projects, Robert Kahn was convinced that there was a need for development of an open-architecture network model.("Robert Kahn, TCP/IP Co-Designer.") Robert Kahn helped build the Interface Message Processor when he worked at Bolt Beranek and Newman.In 1972, Robert Kahn was hired by Lawrence Roberts at the IPTO to work on networking techniques.The paper will discuss the computer pioneer’s legacy and how it has affected the change of computers.The topic of this paper is TCP/IP and their designers, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn.In October, Kahn gave a demonstration of an ARPANET network, which connected 40 different computers at the International Computer Communication Conference.This made the network widely known around the world.("TCP/IP Internet Protocol.") Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf are the designers of TCP/IP.However, Kahn was the one who laid the open architecture foundations for TCP/IP, which provided the Internet with one of its most distinctive features.


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