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Although other factors are involved, the analogy to examination writing is a skill. The student would be advised to follow certain steps in writing an essay exam.If six questions are to be answered in forty-five minutes, allow yourself only five minutes for each.

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Essay exams are designed to test your ability to synthesise information and to organise your thoughts on paper.

The following points are designed to help you prepare for essay style examinations.

Hint: You don't have to answer questions in the order in which they appear in the exam paper. This essay will argue that although these differences exist in approaches, the practices of liberal and socialist feminism have become very similar". If you feel you are losing the plot, go back and reread the question and your introduction.

Start with the easiest one first and do the hardest last. and the third main area of difference lies in the . The Body of your essay should include: Make sure you structure the body of the essay as you indicated in your introduction. In your Conclusion, re-answer the question and refer briefly to the main points in the body. For example: "In conclusion, it is clear that although liberal and socialist feminism originally held differing views on how to attain their goals, a realistic assessment now shows that their practice has become very similar.

Before you start writing, jot down your ideas and organise them into an essay plan.

If you have to write more than one essay, always indicate the number of the essay so it is clear which question you are answering. Of course, if one question is worth more points than the others you allow more time to write it.Answers will come to mind immediately for some questions Write down key words, listings, etc. Otherwise these ideas may be blocked (or be unavailable) when the time comes to write the later questions.If the question is ambiguous, unclear or too broad, clearly write your interpretation of the question before answering.Don't write your essay off the top of your head - the results will be disorganised and incoherent. For example:"The goals of liberal and socialist feminism differ in three main ways. The well-organized, neat-appearing individual will usually get the nod over another equally capable person who is disorganized and careless in appearance.The following words are commonly found in essay test questions. Understanding them is essential to success on these kinds of questions. When the time is up for one question, stop writing and begin the next one.There will be 15 minutes remaining when the last question is completed.


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