Thanksgiving Creative Writing Ideas

Write along with your teens, and have fun laughing as you share your responses. How do their findings compare with the cultural norms surrounding their Thanksgiving today?

Ask students to research the origin of Thanksgiving. Allow students to explore cultural differences in Thanksgiving traditions, and give them time to talk about how each of their experiences is different than their classmates. Top 10 List Families appreciate when students bring home information to share at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Ask them to take on the persona of a turkey who is vying for that coveted spot of being pardoned to a life of luxurious retirement.

In their piece, students should work on developing a specific voice.

Following the film, ask students to write about the film’s accuracy. What information about the history of Thanksgiving seems questionable?

If necessary, ask students to conduct a little fact-checking research to support their evaluation.

How would a turkey in this situation share his or her plea?

Would it be most effective to be humorous, desperate, cunning, argumentative, defensive, or despondent?

To add an option for writing instruction, have students start with brainstorming.

Walk them through the entire writing process with just this one simple sentence.


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