The Destructors Plot Essay

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The owner of the house is a pesky old man named Thomas.

The boys nickname him as ‘Old Misery’ due to his irritable personality.

He locks Thomas from outside and goes back to dismantling his place.

In the end, only the external walls of the house remain. T decides to tie the struts with rope and hang the loose end of the rope to a truck belonging to a neighbour.

They have no justification or rationale for doing so, solely focusing on and being satisfied with the promise of becoming something that will be forever remembered.

"Even the grown-up gangs who ran the betting at the all-in wrestling and the barrow-boys would hear with respect of how Old Misery's house had been destroyed." Another prevailing theme of Greene's "The Destructors," is one that is identified easily while in the boys' m ...

The short story, The Destructors, by Graham Greene is about a group of teenagers who destroy a house from the inside out.

In the beginning we are introduced to the Wormsley Common Gang and their leader Trevor or “T.” Trevor devises a plan to destroy a two-hundred year old house owned by a man named Mr. Thomas is distraught about the whole situation while the driver of the truck can do nothing but laugh at the situation.

T plans to have recon of the building and introduces himself to Thomas as a fan of the British architecture and fine design.

Thomas gives him a personalized tour of the place feeling proud if his house.


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