Thematic Essay On Federalism

Martin Anderson's follow-up white paper of Feb.

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But today, the poor are a constituency, and many of the non-poor have become accustomed to government compassion.

If given the choice, would local voters take care of local poor - or do they have to be forced to do so by the intercession of the Federal Government?

Its genesis can be found in Jeff Bell's draft speech for Mr.

Reagan in l975, the ''$90 billion blunder'' that brought hoots of derision from left and center, and in Dr.

This would do away with the need to impose ''new'' local taxes to take care of the poor.

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Up to that point, the idea is a political nonstarter; too many local politicians dread the tying of taxes to welfare, and gain no money from the switch.Now comes the Reagan sweetener: we'll take care of your sick if you'll take care of your poor.The fastest-rising welfare cost is medicaid, presently paid by the states and cities; the President proposes to assume this cost of caring for the sick at the Federal level if the local levels pick up the whole cost of caring for their poor.That was intended to result in a kind of ''national localism,'' with national goals set at the national level by the Congress and the President, and with localities making decisions about how this national policy was to be carried out.Thus, the Feds would say to the locals ''do it your way,'' adding gently but firmly, ''but do it.'' The bird of the New Federalism flapped its right wing and started aloft, but Watergate and Democratic victories, along with conservative distaste for any system that refused to permit states to say ''no,'' shot it down. Reagan's new New Federalism is simpler and more daring than the old New Federalism.Stephen Chadwick The Euroscepticism that led to the result of the Brexit referendum is not new, but can actually be traced back hundreds of years. But in the Senate the provinces are represented, not the Autonomous Communities. While federalism and bicameralism are often considered a pair, the Belg... Matthias Niedobitek The German Basic Law constitutes federalism as a unique political system which is characterised by intertwined decision-making of the Federation (Bund) and the component units (Länder). It looks at the constitutional design of the second Chamber, examines the evolution of the Ständerat and critically assesses its cur... Esther Happacher Discussions regarding the functional design of second chambers in federal or quasi-federal systems seem to focus mainly on legislative functions. It spells out the main arguments of the theory and discusses the fiscal architecture of Nigerian federalism with a view to using the... Kamil Ławniczak The Council is a crucial intergovernmental institution of the European Union.This article explores Euroscepticism by comparing the modern EU with the Europea... Werner Reutter In this paper, I examine the degree and causes of judicial activism in a German subnational constitutional court. On the one hand, I explore whether and to what extent... Thus, extra- or non-legislative functions related to the executi... However, the complex, opaque and consensual character of the decision-making process in the Council puts its legitimacy into questio... Jacek Czaputowicz and Marcin Kleinowski The Treaty of Lisbon introduced a new system of weighted votes in the Council, which radically departs from the principles on which the distribution of votes between the Member States of the EU was based for mo... Mariana Pinto Ramos The European Social Dialogue, and its output, the European collective agreements, are intended to implement minimum standards of working conditions that bind all Member-States, in a logic of legal harmonisation... Juliana Almeida and Guilherme Oliveira e Costa For the last forty years, the European Union has been pursuing the goal of a unified system of patent law, which would make it possible for an invention to be protected, by EU law, throughout the territory of t... Sérgio Coimbra Henriques The Council is a crucial intergovernmental institution of the European Union.This week, former Nixon writers beamed when the intellectual centerpiece of Ronald Reagans's State of the Union Address turned out to be a proposal ''to make our system of federalism work again.'' In early drafts of Mr.Reagan's speech, the phrase '' New Federalism'' was used; it was dropped in final drafts lest odious comparisons be made with a previous Administration.(That was understandable; we once labeled a Nixon proposal the '' New Economic Plan,'' only to learn that had been the name of a scheme by Lenin.) However, briefers and broadcasters have been using the '' New Federalism'' tag to describe the bold Reagan idea. Thirteen years ago, we used it to mean the consolidation of specific ''categorical'' grants into broader ''bloc'' grants, giving states and localities more leeway in the spending of Federal monies; going further, the Nixon men started ''revenue sharing,'' the earmarking of a part of the Federal budget for state and local use with few strings attached.Back then, the notion was to have the Federal Government do what it does best (levy taxes) and to have state and local governments do what they do best (administer local spending).


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