Thesis Statement To A Descriptive Essay

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Close-up techniques: In descriptive essay close-up techniques are used to which make the reader to visualize your writing.The object or idea used in descriptive essay make the readers to feel the object first at distance and latter it use to move closer and closer.

Unnecessary long discussions and descriptions are avoided to keep the balance in detail.

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Introduction: Descriptive essay is mainly consists of accurate and almost true description of the subject. Formation of clear picture of an idea and theme is the basics of descriptive writings.

These essays are actually about capturing an event or happening in readers mind.

The reason for this is to draw the attention of reader towards essay.

There are factual details of the idea placed in the essay.

The comparison in these essays is only of single impression i.e. The imaginations used in these essays are very appealing which attract the reader completely.

The perceptions use by writer is very impressive which creates an excellent impression on reader’s mind.

Precise mental picture: To create a proper picture in reader’s mind, imaginative language is used in descriptive essay.

By this an interesting picture and comparison is created in reader’s mind.


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