Three Branches Of Government Essay Questions

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Students make corrections so that they will have accurate information for the upcoming project.

Introduce the "Teach Another Class Project" and decide on scoring guide.

Then each group designs a chart, backboard, Power Point presentation, a series of colorful overheads, or other format to teach another class about their subject.

Arrange for students to make presentations to two classes.

The president's powers are limited in the system of checks and balances.

As the leader of the executive branch, the president ensures the enforcement of the laws in our country.

In order to limit the powers of the president, the Congress must approve the people chosen to fill these jobs.

Grades 5-8 There are 5 main focal areas to these teaching materials: Our Three Branches of Government and Balance of Power Legislative Branch Executive Branch Cabinet Judicial Branch Each area has background information, activities and projects.

Students then access the site How A Bill Becomes a Law and complete activities.

Play in partners the folder game How A Bill Becomes a Law (see games and puzzles section) Print off the following as homework assignments: Congress - Courts--Keeping the Balance; Congress - President--Keeping the Balance. Print off The Executive Branch and run off copies for class. Use the transparency you have made and have students compare this list with what is on the chart.


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