Tips For Argumentative Essay

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You have to follow the right style of writing which in unison can help you put across a point more convincingly.

can be quite an ordeal, and an argumentative essay just takes the level of difficulty a notch higher.

Arguments of religious faith or beliefs should be avoided.• “Hedge” your position by qualifying your viewpoint and acknowledging others.

In doing so, you won’t appear wishywashy, but rather thoughtful and scholarly.

If you thought that convincing a person who has opposing beliefs with facts /figures was easy, then you might want to reconsider.

If you want to make a strong argument through your essay and cut the mustard, then here are the key elements to write a winning paper.

Try instead to demonstrate a breadth of both real world and academic experience.

Try to impress the reader with either your vast knowledge of trivia or your technical knowledge of the topic at hand.

But the readers are looking for incisive analysis, not fast typing (or writing).

Don’ts • Waste time second-guessing what the reader might agree (or disagree) with. So do not try to anticipate what a reader would consider a “correct” position (politically or otherwise) on an Issue.• Overdo it when it comes to drawing on personal experiences to support your position.


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