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"Chick" Chavis Jr.: His Legacy and Role in the Implementation of Instrumental Music Education in the Nashville African American Community Byrd, Crystal J (2013) High glucose induces cell death and changes in insulin signaling in cultured hypenrtensive vascular smooth muscle cells of rat Byrd, Crystal J (2013) High glucose induces cell death and changes in insulin signaling in cultured hypertensive vascular smooth muscle cells of rat Callahan, Rontrell Marshurn (2013) An examination of high school directors' use of cooperative learning approaches in a marching band setting Cappadona, Taylor A (2013) Method development for metallic ion waste treatment featuring precipitation and supramolecular chemistry Carey, Stephen (2013) What is the current level of asthma knowledge in elementary, middle, and high school teachers?

Cato, Anita R (2013) The effects of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) on mitogen-activated protein kinases in human natural killer cells Celada, Lindsay J (2013) The effect of environmental contaminants on mitogen-activated-protein kinase kinase kinase and Ras-GTPase activity in human natural killer cells Celso, Ben (2013) Consensus problems in switching systems Chowdhury, Aminul (2013) Spectrochemical assessment of bottled water and tap water from six counties in middle Tennessee Clayton, Otis (2013) Student perceptions of teacher characteristics on math achievement for middle school African American students Connelley, Cindy E (2013) A qualitative study of personal constructs of e-teaching Cook, Melanie C (2013) A study of citizens' perceptions of the war on drugs Dale, Patricia A (2013) The effect of ACT preparatory classes on secondary school students' academic achievement Davis, Stephanie D (2013) Demographics, Region and Classification of Sexual Offenders are Associated with the Non-Compliance of the Tennessee Sexual and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification and Tracking Act of 2004 Dixon, Beverly R. A (2013) In vitro evaluation of the potential for select bacteria and yeast as probiotics in poultry production Donikini, Rajyalaxmi (2013) Green products and green marketing: Factors affecting consumers' purchases of green products Duncan, Benjamin R (2013) A case study of alternatively trained science teachers: Attainment of pedagogical content knowledge Edlin, Maria L (2013) Determining the Philosophical Orientation of Pre-Service Teachers: A Causal-Comparative Study Efstathiou, Natali (2013) Self-control and well-being: The moderating roles of frustration intolerance and emotional intensity Fox, Janice M (2013) The effects of Write Score formative assessment on student achievement Gavilo-Lane, Laurie B (2013) State earned income tax credit outreach: Capturing federal credits Gipson, Shondra N (2013) C-acylation of 5-trifluoromethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione with substituted unactivated carboxylic acids and benzoyl chlorides Giwa, Damilola (2013) Factors influencing the demand for goat meat in Tennessee: Implications for marketing Golkonda, Ravindra Bangari (2013) Enhancing meat goat marketing: A study of marketing channels and practices used by meat goat producers in Tennessee Golkonda, Swetha Bangari (2013) Bioproducts: Consumers' perception and buying behavior Griffin, Sedric D (2013) Impact of the Complete College Tennessee Act's retention and graduation benchmarks on budget appropriations at Tennessee State University Grissom, Donna Nell (2013) The effects of school entrance age and gender on math and language arts achievement Haley, Katrina A (2013) A comparative study of high school Advanced Placement and dual enrollment programs using a mixed methods analysis Hall, Taffey (2013) Creating collaboration: Exploring the development of a Baptist digital library and archive, a case study Hamilton, La Keisha C (2013) Men's spirituality as a predictor of their willingness to seek help Hatfield, Tammy H (2013) A mixed methods study of special education administrators in Tennessee on transition services for high school students with disabilities Hayes, Constance L (2013) Examination of Principals' Perceptions on School Climate in Metropolitan Nashville Public Elementary Schools Hovis, Sarah K (2013) Temporal Variability of Water Quality Parameters in Two Creeks of the Collins River Sub-watershed Dominated by Nursery Crop Production Hubbard, Justin S (2013) The Selection of Instrumental Band Method Books by Middle School Band Directors in and Around Davidson County Hurd-Brown, Tasia D (2013) Effects of brominated flame retardant and organochlorine compounds on tumor binding capacity and cell surface protein expression on human natural killer cells Jackson, Jason D (2013) Synthesis of single source molecular precursors for copper indium diselenide and copper indium disulfide production via confined plume chemical deposition James, Olena T (2013) Cytotoxic Extracts of Ethnomedicinal Plants: Podophyllum peltatum (Mayapple) and Echinacea angustifolia Johnson, Elizabeth (2013) The impact of instructional coaching on school improvement Johnson, Jessica Nicole (2013) Teachers' inclusion of varied genres of music in middle school and high school class piano of Davidson County, Tennessee school system and surrounding counties Johnson, Nehemiah (2013) The Relationship Between Stage of Change and Relapse Prevention in Substance Abusing Adults Johnson, Roodie Antoinette (2013) Isolation and characterization of host extract-induced transposon mutants of Pectobacterium carotovorum Johnston, Trevor S (2013) Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millsp.) growth, yield, and seed protein as affected by variety, spacing, and planting date Kelley, Jr.

Merr.) Through Genome Editing and Mutation Akerele, Gabriel Oluwamuyiwa (2017) Expression and Characterization of Toll-Like Receptors and Other Immune Genes in the Adult Guinea Fowl Using Transcriptome Analysis Aldarraji, Ali (2017) Polarized Beamforming for Enhanced Countermeasure Against Interference in Wireless Systems Alharbi, Eman (2017) Preparing Saudi Universities for International Accreditation in the Area of Governance and Leadership Alharby, Manal G (2017) Effects of Chrysanthemum and Olive Leaf Extracts on the Viability of Tumor Cell Line Alhathlol, Albatoul Ali (2017) Characterization of Novel Paralogs of Glucose Transporter (GLUT) in Birds Aljafar, Wejdan (2017) Genomics Versuse Phenomics Classification of Bacillus thuringiensis Strains Isolated From Middle Tenessee Almalki, Manal Saeed (2017) Enhancing the Security for User Authentication in Open Authorization 2.0 by Using Open SGX Tool Almosabbeh, Kowthar Fahad (2017) Anti- Inflammatory Effect of Violacein on Immune Human Cells Almotairi, Faisl (2017) Food Safety in Saudi Arabia: An Examination of Perceptions and Attitudes Almutairi, Tahani (2017) Economic and Sociological Indicators for Juvenile Delinquency and Arrest Al-Salah, Tulha Hasan (2017) Attack Surface Expansion Using Decoys to Protect Virtualized Infrastructure Alshaeri, Enas Ahmed A (2017) Study of the Possible Inhibition of Melanin Synthesis by Select Compounds Alshammari, Areej (2017) Membrane-Binding Properties of the Antimicrobial Peptide Feleucin Alshoubaki, Wa'ed (2017) The Impact of Syrian Refugees on Jordan: A Framework for Analysis Alsofayan, Rehab Ahmed (2017) Effect of Purified Violacein from Chromobacterium Violaceum Strains on Cancer Cells Alyamani, Alaa (2017) Morphological, Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Two Fungi Isolated from the Yellowstone National Park Aras, Sadiye (2017) Effects of Precipitation Changes on Switchgrass Biomass and Greenhouse Gas Emission Aras, Sadiye (2017) Effects of Precipitation Changes on Switchgrass Biomass and Greenhouse Gas Emission Awoyemi, Olushola Moses (2017) Molecular Toxicology of the Use of Coal Fly Ash as Soil Amendment for the Production of Bioenergy Feedstock, Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Babaer, Duaa (2017) The Impact of Wnt Inhibitory Factor-1 on Preadipocytes Differentiation Bahannan, Alaa (2017) Comparison of Violacein, Mangosteen and Sider Extracts as Agents for Inhibiting Breast and Lung Cancer Cell Growth Beavers, Mitchell G (2017) How Many Virtual Wars Must a Man Fight Before You Call Him a Man: Video Games and Masculinity Blair, Ashley Jennean (2017) The Anti-Carcinogenic Effect of Solanum lycopersicum on Various Cancer Cell Lines Brown, Shyretha D (2017) Evaluation of the Effects of Butyltin Exposures on Expression of Interleukin 1 Beta and Interleukin 6 in Human Immune Cells Bullock, Audrey N (2017) Teaching Elementary Mathematics through Problem Solving and Its Relationship to Mathematics Achievement Cobb, Christina (2017) The Impact of Active Learning Teaching Strategies in a Prescribed Mathematics Course Colon, Selene Y (2017) Identification of a Proprotein Convertase Cleavage Site Within Peroxidasin and Its Regulation of Enzymatic Function Cook, Tenganyike O (2017) The Impact of a Middle School Transition Program on Academic Performance and Social Acceptance of Sixth Graders Davis, George T (2017) An Examination of Social Media as a Marketing Tool For Tennessee Small Farmers Davis, George T (2017) An Examination of Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Tennessee Small Farmers Dawadi, Sujan (2017) Cover Crop Usage for Pest Management in Red Maple Tree Production Systems Dolui, Manisha (2017) An Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) Spectroscopic Study on the Oxytetracycline Sorption Mechanism on Variable Charge Minerals Donkor, Joseph (2017) Evaluation of the Potential for Direct-Fed Microbials to Enhance Utilization of Phosphorus in Broiler Chickens Dozier, Whitney L (2017) Student Perceptions of Campus Safety at Tennessee State University Ebbinger, April M (2017) Elementary School Psychologists' Perceptions of Response to Intervention and Its Use to Diagnose Students with Specific Learning Disabilities in Tennessee: A Mixed Methods Study Eckstein, Sarah L (2017) The feasibility and acceptability of mindfulness scale: Validating a new measure of common perceptions of mindfulness Fears, Letimicia S (2017) Investigating the Effects of Chromobacterium Violaceumviolacein on Human Serotonin 2C Receptor Fidler, Aaron Louis (2017) The Evolution of Collagen IV and Basement Membrane Enabling Metazoan Multicellularity Filfilan, Sarah Zakaria (2017) Identification of Amidase Negative Strains of Bacillus thuringiensis Fite, John (2017) Critical Thinking Dispositions of Undergraduate Agriculture Majors: Contributions of Pre-Collegiate Complete Programs of Agricultural Education Gaballa, Mahmoud F (2017) Chromobacterium Violaceum Strains Growth Conditions Impacting N- Acyl Homoserine Lactones AHL Production Gordon, Tamla V (2017) An Evaluation of a Summer Reading Clinic and its Impact on Improving Reading Academic Achievement Green, Fatima (2017) Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Ability of U 3O8/Si O2 Nocomposite Materials Griggs, Sharon Leftwich (2017) The Effects of a Teacher Pay Incentive Program on Middle School Teachers' Effectiveness and Their Students' Achievement Hampton, Shellis (2017) The Effects of Race, Age, and Gender on Juvenile Justice Programs and Their Ability to Reduce Recidivism Rates Hendricks, Michelle (2017) A Case Study of Spelling Development Among Sixth-Grade Students Not Receiving Explicit Spelling Instruction Hikkaduwa Epa Liyanage, Kumuditha Dilanka (2017) Understanding the Perceptions and Attitudes of Fruit and Vegetable Farmers Towards Organic Farming in Tennessee Holloway, Albert Z.

(2017) The Effects of School-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities on the Academic Achievement, Attendance, and Resiliency Level of Low-Income Students Igbafe, Joy Oshiorenua (2017) Evaluating the Efficacy of Select Probiotic to Reduce the Colonization of Salmonella in Broiler Chicken Irabor, Afona (2017) Biological Control of Soilborne Diseases of Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) and Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Using Selected Bacterial Endophytes Islam, Md Shafiqul (2017) Synthesis, Characterization, Mechanism and Biological Evaluations of 1,2,4 - Triazole - Containing Schiff Bases, Hemiaminals and Their Metal Complexes Jenkins, Kristeena G (2017) A Comparison Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosed Before Two Years Of Age To Those Diagnosed While Two Years Of Age Johnson, Carey P (2017) The Inhibition of Cellular Growth Using Dioscorea villosa on Various Cancer Cell Lines Joshua, Jacqueline (2017) Management of Root Rot Disease in Snap Beans Using Biological Control Agents Justice, Alicia Renee (2017) Investigating the Impact of Current Middle School Transition Program Activities: Administrator and Teacher Perspectives Karim, Kaleh (2017) Triphenylmethanol Conjugates of Leuprorelin as Anti-Cancer Prodrugs Khoja, Jawaher Hameed (2017) The Effect of Antibiotics on the Growth of Chromobacterium violaceum King, Steven Joseph (2017) Integrating Elementary Music with a Standardized Tested Subject to Influence Achievement Measure Scores on Teacher Evaluations Liyanapathiranage, Prabha Dhananjani (2017) Sustainable Management of Soilborne Diseases in Nursery Production Love, Harold M.

Abdul-Malek, Ayad (2019) Deep Learning and Subspace Segmentation: Theory and Applications Alawi, Mohammed (2019) Society's Perceptions about Sex Offenders Alghamdi, Abdullah (2019) A Qualitative Case Study of Male Teachers' Challenges Teaching Reading in Elementary Classrooms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Almutairi, Laila M (2019) Security Risk Assessment of Multiple Sdn Controllers Using Stochastic Petri Nets Alsaidi, Bashir Fawaz (2019) Design of Advanced Skin Structure using Lattice for Camber Morphing Wing Amullen, Esther Marion (2019) Distributed Framework for Mitigating Malicious Intrusions in Power Grids Beard, Helen Virginia (2019) The Effect of Project-Based Learning on Students' Executive Functions Bedford, Winifred (2019) Examining the Relationship between EQ, Microaggressions, and Achievement in the HBCU Academic Setting Boero-Legge, Maria (2019) Undocumented Latinx Immigrants' Experiences with Self-compassion and Stressors Brady, Shabnam Etemadi (2019) Meeting the Needs of Migrants: Applying the Bioecological Systems Theory Model to Assess Multicultural Competency in Mental Health Brooks, Christopher D (2019) The Relationship Among Community Violence & Racial Socialization Messages and Their Influence on the Masculine Ideology of Black Men Burks, Martez (2019) An Investigation of Racial Identity, Self-Esteem and Its Relationship to Academic Self-Concept among African American Undergraduate Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Capretto, Jessica Jaye (2019) Developmental Trajectories of Social Competence among Maltreated Children Favre, La Toya R (2019) Binge Eating and Internalized Weight Bias Among Racial/Ethnic and Sexual Minorities: Implications for Multicultural Counseling Harris-Wyatt, Georgetta A (2019) An Analysis of Factors that Impact Civilian Attitudes Toward Police Treatment of Minority Males Hawrami, Shwan (2019) Tennessee Counties and Their Water Quality as It Correlates to Average Household Income Hira, Arpona (2019) Unprecedented Cross Coupling Processes for the Synthesis of New Series of Esters Hussaini, Syed Farazuddin (2019) Smart Prosthetic Hand Development using Deep Learning and Inertial Measurement Unit Data Mc Koy, Tonya L (2019) A Qualitative Study of African American Female Engineering College Students' Intersecting Identities, Sense of Belonging, and Intent to Persist Murry, Letoni (2019) Principals' Behaviors in Improving Student Achievement from Teachers' Perception in Rutherford County Nejus, Georgia (2019) Influence of Age, Race, and Gender on Type of Offense Committed by Domestic Violence Perpetrator in Davidson County, Tennessee Patrice, Kesha S (2019) Body Dissatisfaction in African American Females: Self-Compassion Mediating Sociocultural Factors Snyder, Shawn D (2019) Assessment of a Locally Imperiled Snake (Sistrurus miliarius) and Estimation of Site Occupancy and Detection Probabilities of Sympatric Snake Species Syed, Rabia (2019) A Study of Health Promoting Components in Pigeon Pea and Its Application in Food Models Thanoon, Mohammed I (2019) A System Development for Enhancement of Human-Machine Teaming Troyanovskaya, Eleonora (2019) Cover Crops, Cowpea and Farmer's Perception of Sustainability in Alabama, Georgia,and Tennessee Wang, Xiaoyong (2019) Combined Phytochemicals Synergistically Restrain Breast Cancer in Cultured Cells and Xenograft Mice Wettemann, Martha E (2019) Social Equity, Human Development Theory, and Factors Related to the Growth of Child Support Arrears in States, 2011-2015 Yenuga, Pooja Reddy (2019) Interplay of SIK3 and NFAT5 in Salt Induced Inflammatory Responses in Breast Cancer Cells Zhang, Lijuan (2019) Synergistic Anti-Vascular Inflammatory Effects and Molecular Mechanisms of Combined Phytochemicals in Endothelial Cells and Mice Zhou, Yuanyuan (2019) Numerical Study of High-Speed Capsular Vehicles Toward Operational Control Albaqami, Jawaher Jahaz (2018) Anti-Proliferative Activity of Onosma Bracteatum On-Three Tumor Cell Lines: PC3, A549, and BT549 Alghamdi, Abdullah (2018) Implementation of an Implicit Solver in Adcirc Storm Surge Model Alghamdi, Mazen (2018) Educator Perceptions of Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors with Special Education Students Aluoch, Isaiah Gumbe Orodo (2018) Perceptions of KCSE Mathematics Teachers on Use of Digital Tools in Education Service Delivery in Migori County, Kenya Alyahya, Sarah (2018) Introducing Potassium Allyl BF3K for the Synthesis of N-Allylation Products Alzahrani, Sabah (2018) Detection of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks Using Artificial Neural Networks on Cloud Aman, Musa (2018) Unprecedented Styryl Esters from RCOOPd H Species and Styryltrifluoroborates Ambrose, Derron K.

G (2018) The Effects of Symptomology, Race and Psychological Mindedness on Attitudes toward Persons with Schizophrenia Armstrong, Aisha P (2018) African American Women in Stem: Self-Efficacy, Perceived Barriers, and Coping Efficacy Betancur-Bedoya, Nadiana (2018) Studying Music of Latin America: A World Music Curriculum Approach for Presenting Four Representative Styles of Latin American Cultures Brice, Erica Marie (2018) Family Racial Socialization and Ethnic Identity Influence on African-American Female Beauty Ideals and Self-esteem Brown, Cassandra L (2018) Network Performance Analysis on a Containerized Testbed Brown, Matthew (2018) Prevention of Ambrosia Beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) and Phytophthora Root Rot with Stress-mitigating Fungicides Buck Pursell, Kathryn (2018) The Impact of Burnout on School Psychologist Supervisors Byers, Mary Shannon (2018) Experimental Study to Increase the Viability Rate of Cas9 Knock in Chicken Embryos and Examination of Differentially Expressed Genes in Early Chicken Embryos Chen, Hui (2018) Speaker Identification: Time-Frequency Analysis With Deep Learning Christian, Matthew (2018) Improving Motor Skills of a Smart Prosthetic Hand by Deep Learning Dowling, Nicolette (2018) High School Teachers' Perceptions of Cyberbullying Prevention and Intervention Strategies Dudley, Kevin (2018) An Evaluation of Out-of-School-Time (OST) Programs in the Greater Nashville, Tennessee Area Fu, Zicheng (2018) Highly Efficient Photocatalytic System Constructed From Spherical SBA-15-Cobalt Compounds and Ru (II) Complex for Visible-Light Driven Co 2 Reduction Giri, Man Kumari (2018) Aboveground Forest Biomass Modeling Using Remote Sensing and FIA Data in Tennessee, USA Girresch, Sarah K (2018) Childhood Adversity, Familial Factors, and Posttraumatic Growth in a Racially/Ethnically Diverse Sample of Emerging Adults Gopisetty, Vybhav Vipul Sudhir (2018) Impact of UV-C Irradiation on Safety and Quality of Cranberry-Flavored Water Using a Novel Flow Continuous UV System Gordon, Nia (2018) Controlling Powdery Mildew on Cucurbit Using Biological Control Agents Grayum, Jessica Willard (2018) Examining the Perceptions of Principals' Ethical Leadership Behaviors and Student Academic Achievement Greene, Anjelica (2018) The Impact of Sexual Education on Sexual Activity and Pregnancy Awareness in Young Adults Hall, Denver A (2018) Online Social Media Use and Depression in African American College Students Harris, Clayton (2018) Tennessee's Hazardous Waste Reduction Act of 1990: An Analysis of Tennessee's Hazardous Waste Reduction Policy Hayes, Emily (2018) Influence of Creep Feeding on Kid Growth and Dam Health in Multiple Meat Goat Breeds and Their Crosses Heaston, Alexis (2018) How Does Participating in a Peer Health Education Program Impact Health Behaviors among African American Undergraduate College Students?Sesquipedadalis for yield, nutritional characteristics, and powdery mildew resistance Borode, Ayodeji (2015) Implementing cloud based opportunistic spectrum access for cognitive radio networks Bradley, Robert R (2015) A quantitative study of the effects of service learning orientation classes on full-time, first-time freshmen Brown, Amy B (2015) A case study to explore the perspectives of participants in a year-long clinical residency at a local education agency in Tennessee Byers, Mary Shannon (2015) An examination on the expression of glucose transporters in chickens Cathey, Jacqueline (2015) Middle school teachers' perceptions of grade level retention Chaurasia, Priya (2015) Dynamic analysis of Android malware using Droid Box Christian, Karla E (2015) Effects of light levels, quality and fertilizer rates on carrot (Daucus carota L.) 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Structure on Juvenile Delinquency Jin, Yayuan (2015) Cost analysis of switchgrass harvesting, hauling and storage for ethanol biorefineries Johnson, De Karra (2015) Evaluation of methionine and cysteine requirements of the French guinea fowl broiler Kabir, Md Niamul (2015) Development of Genome-Directed, PCR-Based Molecular Diagnostic System for Soft Rot Bacteria Khwatenge, Collins N (2015) Dietary Lysine: Effects on Lysine Homeostasis and Performance of Broiler Chickens Kodati, Srikanth (2015) Inheritance of powdery mildew disease resistance and association of micromorphological characters with disease resistance in flowering dogwood Labban, Abbrar Hussein (2015) The Differences between Chromobacterium violaceum Strains in Growth and Violet Pigment Production La Framboise, Shannon Davis (2015) An evaluation of practicing psychologists' perceptions of identified future trends in the field of psychology Lanier, Brittany A (2015) The effects of Pilates on range of motion in aging adults in assisted living facilities Leathers, Alison B (2015) Identifying and assessing youth volunteer competencies of adult Tennesee Master Gardeners Lias, Joseph Lee (2015) The impact of gun laws on homicide rates Lias, Joseph Lee (2015) The Impact of Gun Laws on Homicide Rates Liu, Siqin (2015) Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from Imported and Local Fresh Produce Lotze, Andrew K (2015) Field performance, yield and crude protein content of two varieties of pigeon pea [Cajanus cajan] as affected by tillage, spacing and intercropping with corn [Zea mays] Lowe, Rebbecca L (2015) The relationship between personality, self-care, stress, and perceived wellness in psychology doctoral students Lynch, Jeremy (2015) Multicultural counseling competence assessment: The development of the Demonstrated Multicultural Awareness and Knowledge Scale Martin, Tamara J (2015) Pentachlorophenol and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane alter secretion of interleukin 1-β (IL-β) from human immune cells 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Evidence on the mitigating effects of agricultural cooperatives Oniyinde, Olayemi (2015) Food access and food environment in the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area Osazuwa, Osaretin O (2015) Food supply chain: A qualitative case study of fresh onions, potatoes and tomatoes logistics in Davidson County Parikh, Lipi (2015) Inheritance mechanism and QTL mapping of powdery mildew resistance in Cornus florida Parker, Adrian (2015) Development of a battery modification system for reduction of SEI formation time Parks, Kendra (2015) The effect of head-injury, dissociation, and self-esteem on interpersonal violence Pitts, Tyresha (2015) An ab-initio study of HOX (where X = H, F, Cl, and Br) and YOX (where Y; = CH3) species in the Earth's atmosphere Prestwich, Peter Le Ray (2015) The effect of high copy effector eop1 in Ewrinia tracheiphila Raman, Janani (2015) Exploring the role of critical incidents on cultural identity Raza, Ahsan (2015) Ligase-Independent Cloning in Synthesis of Recombinant Bacteriocins Rotich, Emily (2015) Studies on bacterial biological control of powdery mildew and other fungal pathogens in Cornus florida Saini, Priya (2015) Effect of harvest timing on the quality of switchgrass for biofuel: Changes in lignocellulose, carbon and potential energy production Sawyer, Susan (2015) The effects of direct instruction's corrective reading program on the reading proficiency of students in a self-contained special education school Scott, Angela M (2015) Stereotype threat and African American college students' attitudes toward mental health treatment Sellers, Amy L (2015) The relationship between body image, attachment, and race Shaban, Wejdan (2015) Pd-catalyzed C-H activation and cross-coupling with potassium styryltrifluoroborates Singh, Kuldeep Kumar (2015) Economic competitiveness of Paulownia as a feedstock for ethanol and electricity production Stone, Angela Kelly (2015) Interaction between the antimicrobial peptide leucrocin and model membrane 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(2008) Informal caregiving within a HAART era advanced HIV cohort Osborne, Kathryn E (2008) The effect of Tennessee's Gateway examinations on high school graduation rate Peters, Sharon D (2008) Higher education desegregation and the performance of public Historically Black Colleges and Universities Pierfax, Cynthia Michelle (2008) The effect of level and length of grower ration supplementation on chevon production, carcass characteristics and return over feed cost Poe, Susan K (2008) Authentic language vs.(2008) The effects of Tennessee teacher licensure test scores and teacher level of education on student achievement levels Roberts, La Tisha (2008) Design and development of a gender and language recognition system Robinson, Kristi R (2008) The difference in the quality of life variables between married and unmarried African American university students who are mothers Rubin, James Bernard (2008) The effects of peer mentoring on a college developmental learning strategies classroom 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