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In such cases, I have no choice but to look for someone to do my homework for me.Yes, students often really need some help with homework.

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“There’s this assumption that just by providing access to technology you’re somehow creating a better learning future for kids, but that is not always the case.” After all, technology in schools is going to be of limited success if kids don’t have access to the internet and a computer once the final bell rings.

College student these days are extremely overwhelmed with all sorts of assignments.

It is as if the academia has no knowledge of or regard for the astronomy, a number of hours in a day, days it a week, etc., as well as the fact that students may have other important things to do other than burying themselves in books.

For example, we need to earn some money for the tuition, rent, and other sustenance, we need to socialize with friends and not forget about our families, and what not.

Most schoolwork these days necessitates a computer and an internet connection, and that includes work to be done at home.

Turn In Homework Online

One federal survey found that 70 percent of American teachers homework that needs to be done online; 90 percent of high schoolers say they have to do internet-based homework at least a few times a month. households with school-age children lack high-speed internet at home.And close to half of teenagers in the bottom income bracket have to do their homework on a cellphone occasionally or often.for AP Environmental Science, access to a functioning computer and high-speed internet is all but a prerequisite for success in high school.Mc Donald’s has free Wi-Fi but it’s noisy, you have to buy food and you can’t linger there forever.”Read: When students can’t go online With a team of researchers, the University of Texas at Austin professor S.Craig Watkins spent a year and a half observing and interacting with high schoolers to better understand the digital divide.In decades past, students needed little more than paper, pencils, and time to get their schoolwork done.For the vast majority of students, that's no longer the case.“I suspect that people a pay grade or two above teachers likely don’t understand the depth at which this access- and participation-gap divide still exists,” he says.While embedding technology into the curriculum is all the rage in some schools, “oftentimes there’s a lack of clarity and vision in terms of what learning should look like with technology,” Watkins says.This is becoming especially true as schools gravitate toward software where students file assignments and papers virtually, as well as schools that that half of U. teachers have one device for each of their students, up 10 percentage points from the year prior.Close to two in three teachers use technology in their classroom daily, according to that teens who lack access to a computer at home are less likely to graduate from high school than their more technologically equipped peers.


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