Ucla Essays 2013

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I found a job in the mail order department at the Sears, Roebuck located at Olympic and Soto.

We DARS were serious about our studies and willing to study hard. For the next several years I took courses on Spanish grammar, linguistics, and phonetics, and on the history, civilization, and literature of Spain, Mexico, and Latin America. Seeking as broad an education as possible, I chose a social studies minor and studied psychology, anthropology, geography, history, sociology, and political science as well as mathematics and philosophy.

At the end of the class, as my students filed out of the classroom, one of them, Charlotte Bass, said in a loud voice to no one in particular, “We weren’t very good today, were we? In 1958, having earned my master’s degree and teaching credential, I began teaching full-time, at Huntington Park High School in the L. A campus for four years while teaching my high school classes during the day.

I passed the bar examination, but after practicing for a few years I found that I preferred teaching.

That was her way of ascertaining that I had written my own essays.

My subsequent compositions received As, and on the grade card she mailed me at semester’s end she wrote, in pencil, and in a pale, delicate handwriting, “You have done some very nice work. L.” I got caught up in a daily routine: driving to Westwood to attend classes, parking my 1950 Ford at the corner of Sunset and Hilgard (when it rained, the dirt became mud that students maneuvered out of with the aid of wooden planks), and then, after class, following Sunset Boulevard all the way to the Terminal Annex.On the black-and-white television set there I watched Don Larsen pitch a perfect game in the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Anna Kraus, called me to her office to inform me that the Spanish department had chosen to submit my name to the University as its candidate to study for a year at Oxford University. I taught my classes in Royce Hall, the beautiful Romanesque building that is the symbol of the University.The supervising professor visited my class early in the semester, and I was apprehensive about being observed. In 1961, to explore another career possibility, I enrolled in Loyola Law School and attended night classes at its downtown L.Getting from south Los Angeles to Westwood and back also meant that I spent four hours every day riding streetcars and buses. Eventually, I wound up going in a direction I hadn’t expected. This caused me considerable frustration, because with any attempt to speak Spanish I committed errors that made me a target of scorn and laughter among native speakers. In the first few minutes of my first Spanish class Professor Donald Fogelquist called me to his desk. I apprised him of my situation and later took several advanced classes with him.To make matters worse, I was majoring in engineering and realizing that I had chosen the wrong field of study. Despite his initial brusqueness, I came to enjoy his quiet, dignified manner and dry sense of humor. Carmel High School, and new UCLA students, sat quietly, bewildered, on the lawn of the quad eating our brown bag lunches. In 1951, I got drafted into the Army and took a leave of absence from the post office.Around us swirled groups of stylishly dressed, exuberant students greeting one another and sharing stories of just-ended summer vacations. He had received the results of the Subject A Examination, administered to determine whether he would be required to take English 28, a remedial class. My postal experience proved crucial in the Army’s assigning me to a postal unit in Alaska rather than sending me to Korea, where war was raging.Education does not end with the acquisition of a college degree.The teacher of my English Composition class was a young English woman named Loftus.Learn how to quickly get CHIS data through our free, easy-to-use Ask CHIS Web tool.Download free public used data files or apply to use sensitive data through our Data Access Center (DAC).


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