Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Thesis

Natural disasters are unforeseeable events which cannot be prevented.

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The designed aerial platform should be capable of achieving these objectives at a standard high enough to compete in the UAS AUVSI Seafarer competition.

Complete Modeling and control of MM-UAV: Mobile manipulating unmanned aerial vehicle free download Abstract Compared to autonomous ground vehicles, UAVs ( unmanned aerial vehicles) have significant mobility advantages and the potential to operate in otherwise unreachable locations.

This study has developed a UAV capable of collecting hyper resolution visible, multispectral and thermal imagery for application to Probabilistic roadmap based path planning for an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle free download Abstract The emerging area of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research has shown rapid development in recent years and offers a great number of research challenges for artificial intelligence.

For both military and civil applications, there is a desire to develop Path planning of unmanned aerial vehicle based on improved gravitational search algorithmfree download Abstract Path planning of Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a complicated global optimum problem.

Micro UAVs still suffer from one major drawback: they do not have the necessary MM-UAV: Mobile manipulating unmanned aerial vehicle free download Abstract Given significant mobility advantages, UAVs have access to many locations that would be impossible for an unmanned ground vehicle to reach, but UAV research has historically focused on avoiding interactions with the environment.

Recent advances in UAV Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for hyper resolution vineyard mapping based on visible, multispectral, and thermal imageryfree download Abstract Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are an exciting new remote sensing tool capable of acquiring high resolution spatial data.A UAV in Development of an unmanned aerial vehicle piloting system with integrated motion cueing for training and pilot evaluationfree download Abstract UAV accidents have been steadily rising as demand and use of these vehicles increases.A critical examination of UAV accidents reveals that human error is a major cause.It includes a discussion of the system identification process and some details on implementing the identification output into a six degree of freedom An operator function taxonomy for unmanned aerial vehicle missionsfree download This paper details a taxonomy generated for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) missions.Specifically, we examine the primary functions that a human operator would perform for a particular UAV mission within this taxonomy, including mission planning, management, and Flight trials of a rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicle landing autonomously at unprepared sitesfree download Abstract This paper describes the flight testing and evaluation of technologies for the autonomous landing of a Yamaha RMAX helicopter at non-cooperative sites without the aid of GPS.First, based on Newton-Euler equations, a dynamical model is derived by considering the helicopter as a rigid body upon which a set of forces and Flight demonstrations of unmanned aerial vehicle swarming conceptsfree download Robert J. We are connecting the real-world simulation environment and control software to perform flight tests in SIL simulation.The full control system is based on the cascade of PI Unmanned aerial vehicle speed estimation via nonlinear adaptive observersfree download Abstract In this paper the problem of the speed estimation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is addressed, when acceleration, the angles and the angular speeds are available for measurement.The Yamaha RMAX used for these flight trials has been modified to include stereo GSM technology as a communication media for an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle free download Abstract Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming more reliable, autonomous and easier to use with great potential for commercial use in common airspace in the near future.Though autonomous UAVs often do not rely on communication links with the ground Safety analysis methodology for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) collision avoidance systemsfree download Abstract The integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into civil airspace requires new methods of ensuring collision avoidance.Intense research is conducted worldwide to further reduce MAV Unmanned aerial vehicle data acquisition for damage assessment in hurricane eventsfree download Abstract This paper examines techniques for data collection using an unmanned aerial vehicle to capture building damage resulting from hurricane events.An investigation into an improved procedure and proper parameterization associated with unmanned aerial data Awareness in unmanned aerial vehicle operationsfree download Abstract Despite the name Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), humans are integral to UAV operations.


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