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We invite you to learn about legacy work, a way to honor and celebrate the unique person you are!

We will discuss some of the many ways to create a legacy project & help you get started.

The class is structured along familiar discussion/workshop designs.

You’ll be responsible for presenting your work periodically, and for responding to the work of others in writing and in class.

Class guests will include prominent journalists, scientists, and economists.

Narrative collage: because the most interesting journey isn’t a straight line.Writing assistance is available and Abramson Cancer Center social workers will be on hand to assist you.Dress comfortably and join us for coffee in a relaxed setting.You’ll also write very short responses to the readings that will form the core of a writer’s notebook, useful in generating more writing.We’ll read some very contemporary and some very old poetry structured like lists, without the familiar organizing principles of rhyme and closed endings.This interactive workshop will focus on the way a writer constructs characters in memoirs, personal essays, and journalistic profiles.Students will examine – through their own work and others’ – how nonfiction writers must shape information to render people on the page in a way that is honest and engaging.We'll read some essays that are built along traditional lines (chronological, logical, etc.) and some that are segmented and nonlinear.You’ll write several essays, drawing from your experience in idiosyncratic and unpredictable ways.In addition to writing assignments throughout the semester, students will complete a final portfolio of approximately fifteen pages of revised work.Anyone who follows health and medical news knows the problem: today's breaking headlines are flipped on their head tomorrow.


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