Was Lord Capulet A Good Father Essay

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Therefore, Lord Montague felt compelled to bring his son, Romeo, to the Capulet ball so he can encounter her long lost lover, Rosaline, who was one of Lord Capulet’s descendants.

Seemingly, Romeo refused to engage in the duel knowing that Tybalt was secretly his kinsman.

Alternatively, Mercutio, Romeo’s friend decided to engage in the duel on his behalf.

Deviant of his father’s demands, Juliet seeks advice from Friar Lawrence who devises a plan to reunite Juliet and Romeo.

Friar Lawrence suggested that Juliet should consume a portion that would make her appear to be dead for a period of ‘two and forty hours’ before she awakes.

Touched by Juliet’s affection for him, Romeo appears to her and declares her mutual feeling for her.

Eventually, the two vow unconditional love for each other despite the prevalent conflict between their families.

Romeo, on the other hand, is the prince of the House of Montague, which is ruled by his father, Lord Montague.

Just as the Capulet, the House of Montague was a politically influential faction.

Since Tybalt was a superior swordsman with outstanding skills, he ended up fatally injuring and eventually killing Mercutio.

Agonized by the loss of his friend, Romeo confronted Tybalt and murdered him.


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