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This is why it’s important to think about your writing before you decide which conclusion type to choose.Although it’s beneficial to include a brief summary of your main points, consider adding something more to your conclusion that would leave a great final impression.

Or, if you wrote an emotional piece, the conclusion isn’t the time to start stating statistics and facts. Think about the entire essay as a whole as you determine how to craft the perfect tone for your conclusion paragraph.

If your introduction poses a question, then you should be sure to answer that question in your conclusion.

Your reader will recognize that the conclusion is a rehash of your thesis statement, which will leave a negative impression.

After they’ve read the rest of the essay in its entirety, you don’t want to repel them by reusing your thesis statement and appearing as a lazy writer.

There are a few different types of conclusion paragraphs that you can consider when crafting one for your writing.

Some of them include: So, which type of conclusion paragraph should you write? Think about the style of writing the subject matter uses.

To complete your essay, you turn to your conclusion.

Even if one of the three main points was the most important, you shouldn’t solely focus on that point.

For the most part, your writing should naturally lead into the conclusion.

Your reader will know that you’re about to end your paper and will know to treat the final paragraph(s) as the conclusion.


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