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Basically, coincidence is great, but you shouldn’t let your plot hinge on it. I’d say there are two things to take from this example: first, it’s quite possible for a fiction writer to have excellent aptitude for creative nonfiction.

After all, he is the guy that coined the name for this genre.

He’s the editor of Creative Nonfiction magazine and author of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: The Complete Guide To Writing Creative Nonfiction.

But her unique way of imbibing the advice with her life experience and reading makes her delivery unique.

I’ll never forget the section that’s dedicated to coincidence—an aspect of craft that I’ve never heard anyone attempt.

But said great writers also have some great advice.

For those starting out, I always recommend anything by Lee Gutkind.Although creative nonfiction certainly existed before Gutkind, he does have some helpful insight that may benefit you as you take up your journey in narrative nonfiction writing. Moore is also a good place to go if you’re looking for specific advice on essays and not necessarily long form narratives.Although this next one isn’t specifically about writing creative nonfiction, Steven Pinker’s So you want to be an essay writer?Is it any wonder that, when it comes to figuring out what really counts as creative nonfiction, there’s so much confusion?Below, I share 22 of my favorite book-length works of creative nonfiction, works that run the gamut of form and subject matter.Quite simply, she doesn’t mess around with extra words.Didion also places you right in the middle of her emotions and conflicts.In the piece, Gutkind attempted to answer a number of the questions that continue to swirl around the genre: What does the “creative” in “creative nonfiction” (CNF) really mean?Does it give writers license to just make stuff up and peddle it as truth?I know—sometimes you want to read what you want to read. I’ve got some creative nonfiction recommendations for you, whether you’re a pro or just starting out.Nothing is more important to your reading life than actually going to the narratives of great writers.


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