Writing A Dissertation Research Methodology

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If you used new or innovative methods in completing your dissertation research, this is where you tell your reader about them.

It’s your chance to demonstrate how you’ve contributed to the way that scholars in your field conduct research. In some fields or departments, you may be expected to devote an entire chapter to describing and justifying your methodology.

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In Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation, the authors explain that, for a dissertation in the social sciences involving human subject research, you should describe the context or setting of your study (ie: when and where you conducted your research), who participated in the study, what instruments or methods you used to collect data, and what procedures you used to complete your study and analyze your data.

For other kinds of dissertations, your methodology section might be different. We’ve got Ph D-level researchers ready and waiting to provide you with the services that you need.

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Your dissertation advisor can offer guidance on how extensive your methodology section needs to be.

Failing that, a dissertation consultant can advise you on best practices for a methodology sections in your field of study. Again, this will depend on your particular field of study.


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