Writing A Reflective Essay Follows These Basic Steps Prewriting

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Before you start with the actual writing, it’s very important that you first create an outline of your paper.

This will help you create a coherent structure of your arguments, counterarguments, examples, quotes, and the sources you want to reference in each argument.

While working through both primary and secondary sources, it’s quite easy to get confused about the numerous arguments and counterarguments mentioned by the different authors.

Many students get frustrated and waste time just trying to figure out how to make all the different pieces of information fit together into a coherent text.

If you’re using mind mapping software such as Mind Meister, you can also…

Using mind maps to plan and outline your essay will not only make the writing process a lot easier.If you have the opportunity to choose the topic for your paper yourself, try to find one that’s been covered by other researchers before but still gives you a chance to come up with new findings and conclusions.If you choose a topic that has already been explored in depth by a gazillion other researchers, you might be hard-pressed to develop a unique perspective.You can quickly review this outline whenever you get sidetracked in your writing process, or when you’re unsure about how to continue.A mind map is a great format for such an outline because it provides you with a visual overview of your thesis statement and the entire text structure.For our research map, we wrote this topic in the center and created individual branches for each secondary source we read.Next to the book title, we noted down the topics covered in the source, its central question as well as important passages that we thought we might want to quote in our essay.Here are some practical tips to set you up for success: , the subject of our paper.As you can see, we created branches for each of the text passages we wanted to analyze in the essay.What you need, therefore, is a system to collect and structure all this information in one central place, so you can easily review the materials while you write.Create a new mind map for each source (book, article, essay) you read and take notes in this mind map while you work through the text.


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