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Likewise, Goodman Brown watches the devil, along with other notable members of the community, heading toward the gathering.He ventures into the forest despite Faith’s warning, driven by curiosity and the devil’s appeals, just as Eve ignored God’s command to avoid the forbidden fruit.The story may be purposefully ambiguous, balanced perfectly between the good and the evil, as the story’s beginning an end are in direct opposition.

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He shouts her name, but hears only a echoes, and then silence.

A pink ribbon – Faith’s ribbon – flutters down form above.

Since the “night of that fearful dream” Goodman Brown became a dark and gloomy man, who saw nothing but blasphemy all around him.

Commonly understood themes in Young Goodman Brown have included the pervasiveness and secrecy of sin and evil alive within all people, and the hypocrisy of Puritanism.

The devil bears a staff with a serpent on it, reminiscent of the serpent that told Adam and Eve to taste the fruit from the forbidden tree.

Led to sin through curiosity, Adam and Eve lose their innocence after following the devil.In the end, he breaks from the group, attempting to relieve himself of sin.But, the effects of sin remain, forever after tainting his opinion of good and evil.His companion begins to resemble the devil, while the woman, a witch. After a while, Goodman Brown sits down, determined to not go any father. As he sits, Goodman Brown thinks he hears the minister and Deacon Gookin on horseback discussing the night’s meeting and a young woman who would be taken into communion that night.Goodman Brown begins to hear voices, and among them, the lamentations of Faith.Time and again, Goodman Brown protests the trip, insisting that he must turn around.But, his companion tells him that his father and grandfather had walked along the same path, as well as other important townspeople, such as the governor. Along the path, they see a woman, Goody Cloyse, who taught Goodman Brown his catechism.Many of the town’s most honorable members were present, as were some of the least welcomed – the sinners and criminals.Goodman Brown is led to the altar, where a cloaked female figure is also led.He ventures into the gloomy forest of Salem, and is soon approached by a man of about fifty, to whom he bears a strange resemblance.His companion wore simple clothing, but carried a staff that resembled a great black snake and seemed to move like a living serpent.


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